Hibiscus tea: My ‘fasting diet’

Not only people in a religious group do fasting, but other people also do the same.

Fasting is a term used for abstaining from food and drink for a specified period. Commonly, it works as one of the religious practices. However, this can also be done to reduce and decrease weight. In doing so, drinking Hibiscus tea every day completes a fasting diet.

The following are the same benefits that a fasting and drinking Hibiscus tea can bring:

1. Lowers the Risk of Disease

People who do fasting on a regular basis lower the risk of coronary disease and reduce the harmful cholesterol levels in the body that decreases the chance of getting a heart disease. It also lowers the blood sugar of the people who fast. The good news is, I do not need to stop eating and drinking to get these benefits mentioned because, with Hibiscus tea, I can get the benefits of fasting.

Hibiscus tea is successful in lowering the cholesterol levels. It reduces the low-density lipoprotein which is commonly known as dangerous or harmful cholesterol that can clog the arteries that result in strokes and heart attacks. Also, this therapeutic tea is proven to fight cancer of the blood. It curtails the abnormal cells produced in the bone marrow. It also has similar effects to gastric carcinoma cells. The protocatechuic properties found in tea extract slows down the cancerous cells due to apoptosis, a programmed cell death.

2. Loses Weight

By fasting, people tend to decrease weight because by going on a day or two without eating, the body will not get an additional sugar and starch. Once the body has consumed its reserve glucose, it burns fats to have energy and this lead to lose weight. With a cup of Hibiscus tea, I do not need to starve just to burn fats and lose weight because drinking this tea will do it naturally. The extracts from this tea suppress the absorption of too much sucrose and starch.

3. Detoxifies the Body

Many people fast to detoxify their body. However, Hibiscus tea contains high antioxidants that cleanse and perform detoxification. In fact, the anthocyanins, polyphenolics, and flavonoids present in Hibiscus tea are beneficial to the health. Also, with its diuretic properties, it helps in urinating and taking out the excess water from the stomach which is very common among women. Furthermore, it is even proven to delay the aging process.

4. Breaks Addictions

One of the benefits of fasting is breaking from addiction since it gives the body a time to pause and reset which can stop being an addict to alcohol, sugar, or caffeine. In the same manner, Hibiscus tea ends addiction to the harmful flavor. Its delicious taste of tart and cranberry-like flavor, a herbal made from the sepals of crimson or colored magenta and a hibiscus sabdariffa flower will replace your taste away from these harmful substances. It is not only soothing and calming but also aroma therapeutic.

5. Reduces Obesity and Diabetes

Fasting reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes because of going on a day without eating. However, drinking Hibiscus tea naturally do the same. There is no need to sacrifice by not eating, drinking this tea lessens the risk of obesity and fights a standard marker of prediabetes making the sugar levels maintained. So, this tea is beneficial for diabetes patients. In fact, a study conducted among the diabetic patients found that hibiscus tea can lower the triglycerides and LDL.

Hibiscus tea is my fasting diet. I do not need to abstain and starve from eating delicious food, but I get more benefits.

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