How to Select and Prepare Bai Mu Dan?

Brewing tea is a delicate process that takes time to get perfect. You cannot rush the procedure or you will lose some of the subtleties that Bai Mu Dan tea has to offer. It is best to take your time when both selecting and preparing your Bai Mu Dan tea to ensure you get the best cup of tea possible every time.

How to Select Bai Mu Dan Tea

As with any white tea, your Bai Mu Dan tea leaves should be either a healthy white or silver color. This means the leaves were harvested at the right time during the Bai Mu Dan growing season and will produce the best tea when brewed. If the leaves are harvested too soon in the season or too late, the mellow qualities the tea is famous for will not be as noticeable, and you might not enjoy the tea as much.

If you are purchasing your Bai Mu Dan tea in a shop, then as to see the leaves before you buy the tea. They should look healthy and supple. You might even ask to sample a bit of brewed Bai Mu Dan tea from the shop to ensure that the flavor matches your expectations. Purchasing tea online is a bit tougher, so select your retailer carefully and read any reviews that are written about the products they sell. People are very vocal when they find a great (or less than stellar) tea shop online, and you will probably be able to quickly locate the best Bai Mu Dan selection online.

How to Properly Prepare Bai Mu Dan Tea

Creating a great cup of Bai Mu Dan tea just takes a bit of patience. You should start by boiling the water for your tea to between 75ºC – 80ºC, and measuring in between one and two teaspoons of loose tea leaves for every cup that you intend to drink. If you like a stronger flavor, then you will need to add the higher amount of tea leaves to make sure you can taste the fullness of the tea. However, if you prefer a subtler brew then just use one teaspoon of loos Bai Mu Dan leaves. Let your tea steep for a few (typically fewer than five) minutes and enjoy your deliciously light cup of Bai Mu Dan tea.

Water temperature can be a tough thing to get exact. Many people assume that you can just boil a kettle and dump a bag of tea in to get a great cup of tea. This simply isn’t true and that process can lead to a bad cup of tea no matter how carefully you research and select the tea you are making. In order to avoid over or under boiling your tea water, you may want to get a kettle that is made specifically for tea. These handy products allow users to regulate the temperature that the boil the water to, and some even let you select the type of tea you will be brewing to ensure your temperature is the best for that tea type.

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