How to Select and Prepare Mulberry Tea?

Preparing white mulberry is somewhat of an art form. It is important to understand the process of selecting the right tea and brewing it to perfection so that you get the best results every time. A great deal of care and effort goes into growing, harvesting, and preparing the tea leaves for you to drink. Therefore, it makes sense that the final steps of selecting your tea and brewing it correctly should be done with care and consideration.

Choosing the Right Mulberry Tea

While some teas that are packed with as many health benefits as mulberry tea have do not have the most popular flavors, mulberry tea is considered to be quite delicious. There are many different blends of mulberry tea for fans of the drink, and it can be fun to try them all.

Many people do a fair amount of research into the sources that their tea comes from to ensure it is organic and ethically harvested. This means that the land that it comes from and the people who do the work are all treated respectfully. It also means that the leaves were grown and collected without the use of any unwanted or potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides. In the United States, you can look for the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) organic certification on tea to determine whether it has been evaluated and approved. Not every tea is submitted for USDA approval, and it can be helpful to get in touch with the tea company to ensure that they are creating tea using the highest standards.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Mulberry Tea

The recommends that you use 2 grams of mulberry tea for each person who will be drinking it, and that you brew the tea in water that is 90°C for about one minute for the first brew. If you are not sure how to get the temperature of your water just right, you may want to invest in a precision tea brewer that will allow you to select the temperature. Some of these devices will even allow you to select the type of tea you are brewing to make sure that you are getting an optimal brew.

It is also incredibly important to measure out the appropriate amount of tea. You can use a normal measuring spoon or purchase a dedicated spoon to use just for your mulberry tea. This can help you make sure you use the right amount of mulberry tea, and also keep you from mingling tea flavors if you use the same spoon for several types of tea. Of course, this is assuming you are using loose mulberry tea. If you are using tea bags, then the amount will be pre-measured for you eliminating the need for special tea spoons.

While the instructions tend to vary depending on the type of tea, it is also up to personal preference. Some people enjoy their tea stronger and bolder, while others like a lighter and a bit weaker. Start by brewing your tea using the instructions provided with the tea or the guidelines provided above, and then modify the brew to match your taste.

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