Mulberry Tea

What is Mulberry Tea

Mulberry tea is made from the dried leaves of the mulberry tree. It is a tea that is low in caffeine which makes it popular among people who enjoy the taste of tea but do not want to have the side-effects that come with drinking caffeinated beverages. That being said, there is a very low amount of caffeine in certain blends, so if you are extremely sensitive to caffeine it is best to be cautious with the type and amount that you drink. Mulberry tea has a long and rich history dating back to early Asian medicinal practices that incorporated the mulberry leaf and stretching all the way to today.

The Origins of Mulberry Tea

In the past, the mulberry tree was indigenous to Asia and as a result the leaves were frequently used as a staple in herbal medicine and natural cures. As with most popular foods and drinks, once it became common knowledge that the mulberry leaf contained some potentially life changing health benefits, more and more people began to want to incorporate the leaf into their diets.

Now, the mulberry tree can be found worldwide. This means that there are more varieties and blends as more growers begin producing mulberry leaves and making tea. According to the Mulberry Tea website, there are ten different mulberry tree species. Some tea drinkers have even begun to make their own mulberry tea at home utilizing dried mulberry leaves from their own gardens or yards. However, it is often simpler and just as delicious to purchase a mulberry tea from a local shop or online retailer. Many versions of mulberry tea are developed right where the tree originated in Asia. These growers have often been working specifically with the mulberry tree for a very long time, and have an excellent sense of when to harvest the leaves and how to craft the teas.

Why Is Mulberry Tea So Popular?

People drink mulberry tea for a wide variety of reasons ranging from simply enjoying the taste to reaping the potential health benefits that come with drinking the tea. Many mulberry tea growers tout benefits such as controlling weight, helping to manage blood sugar levels especially in people who have diabetes, fighting cholesterol, and helping with symptoms associated with colds and fevers. These bountiful potential health benefits give people just one more reason to drink this type of tea.

Mulberry tea comes as both loose tea and in pre-packaged tea bags depending on the company that produces the tea. Some tea drinkers prefer to purchase loose tea and either make their own bags or use a steeper in order to control the amount of tea they use and more precisely manipulate the flavor. Other tea drinkers prefer to rely on the company that makes the mulberry tea, and select the premade tea bags for their perfect cup. You can also serve mulberry tea both hot and cold depending on your taste. This is excellent news for people who want to experience the benefits of mulberry tea throughout the entire year but prefer to drink something cold as the temperatures rise.

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